Jet Journal

Discover the World
Post your adventures into custom journals and connect with other explorers!

The social network traveling experience.

Document your trips around the world by creating and posting written content and pictures into journals. Add additional authors to a journal, allow multiple people to create posts and share ideas. You can follow other travelers and their journeys and search destinations and pin them as ideas for your next trip!

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Available on iTunes

Jet Journal is available for download on your Apple devices.
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  • Choose your own journal topic that is relevant for you!

    It could be a trip you took, or a list of your favorite restaurants in a city, it’s up to you!.

  • Document your trips into custom Journals.

    Post a journal entry, photos, and ideas (as many as you want).

  • Give other users the ability to follow and contribute to your journals.

    Allowing multiple people to post to a journal organizes everyone’s posts into a single journal.

  • Travelling somewhere you don’t want anyone to know or have content that only you want to see? No problem. Make your journal private.

    Only the journal authors will be able to see private journals.

  • Allow multiple pictures to be added in a single entry.

    Put all your photos in one post instead of having to post multiple times.

  • Insert a direct link to another website.

    For example, if you are a travel blogger, you can post a web link to your specific blog post.

  • When you visit a restaurant, museum or venue you really enjoyed and want to remember.

    Or maybe you've heard of a wonderful place you want to visit. Save that place for a later date.

  • Share only the posts you want on the social feed.

    Instead of bombarding other users with 500 photos, you can choose a select few to appear on the social feed.

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  • See an idea in another user’s feed that you would like to experience?

    Pin it for your next trip!

  • Search and save places you want to visit in the future!

    This makes planning for a new trip easy

  • Save a webpage or blog post that interest you

    This allows for easy retrieval on your trip

  • This is a place for your dream destinations. Places you've always wanted to visit!

    aka the Bucket List

  • Search places and save them in your idea list.

    You can come back and visit these places later.

  • See other journals and posts that are tagged in that place.

    Get all the content for that specific location.

  • Get location information from Google.

    Hours, location, reviews, etc.

  • Need directions to the place?

    No problem, we integrate with your map application on your device to provide turn-by-turn directions!

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  • See a map of all your journal locations

    Hey we’re travelers...who doesn’t love a map?!

  • See popular users and their locations

    Helps to identify well traveled users

  • Shows locations of journal posts

    See other users and their trips

  • A list of popular destinations and places.

    See the "hot spots" around you

Jet Journal Vision


"While studying in Paris, traveling to new places, and gaining new experiences, the idea for Jet Journal became evident. I wanted a place to share all of my experiences from my trips, look at my friends and other people’s trips, and create ideas for my next adventure. I felt there was a need to create a unique application combining social aspects with a travel network. All the main social platforms are great, but they aren’t great from a travel standpoint. Travel becomes lost in these apps, and that’s the reason why we wanted to make this application into a reality. Now every person who has a passion for travel can have a social platform which they can be proud to share." - Founder, Madeline Odom

Our Team

Madeline Odom


Madeline Odom is the 20-year-old founder of Jet Journal, a social media application made specifically for traveling. She moved to Paris in 2016 and is currently majoring in Entrepreneurship at the American University of Paris. Her passion for traveling was further enhanced this year when she traveled to 12 different countries including Morocco, Portugal, and Greece.

She had the idea for Jet Journal while eating dinner at Le Central with her boyfriend Léo in Paris. “I wanted something specific for travelers. For people going to new places, trying new things, who wanted to share their experiences in a way mainstream social media doesn't allow,” said Madeline. From there, she made her idea a reality with help from her team. Jet Journal allows users to share all of their traveling experiences in one place.

Before creating Jet Journal, Madeline was ranked 1st in the state for horseback riding. Now she enjoys traveling (obviously), taking pictures, reading and listening to podcasts, writing blog posts, and practicing calligraphy.

  • We’ve combined the features we use from other social applications into a single application focused on travel. Users are able to organize their trips, pin ideas, share experiences, get the information they need and follow friends, all from one app.

    Madeline Odom Founder Jet Journal

  • Jet Journal documents trips around the world by creating and posting to customized journals!

    Eric Odom Jet Journal

  • Ground-breaking travel app documents explorations into social journals and shares experiences!