Jet Journal is for the exceptional and the everyday. For the little moments and big adventures. We're here to help you share it all...with meaning, love, and authenticity. 

Hi! I’m Maddy and I’m the founder of Jet Journal.

Our story began back in January 2017. My partner, Leo, and I were tucked into a quiet corner of a cosy Parisian restaurant. As we waited for our crème brulee to arrive, I scrolled through social media, once again feeling let-down by the plethora of filters, fillers and staged selfies clogging up my feed.

In an age where we have so much potential literally at out fingertips, it felt like we were missing an opportunity to truly connect, share and engage with the world around us. Not to mention missing an opportunity to do it all in the one place.

After all, who enjoys searching five different platforms to find an answer to one question? No, I thought to myself, there has to be a better way to do this.

I put down my phone, turned to Leo and uttered the fateful words that would launch me on one of my greatest journeys yet: “I have an idea.”

Just under a year later, Jet Journal was launched on the App Store.

Jet Journal is a revolutionary social lifestyle app transforming the way you explore, share and experience the world.

Jet Journal curates world-class (pun intended) city guides paired with personalized planning and sharing functionality, giving you all the tools you need to create and share real experiences and stories straight from your mobile device. 

Complete with on point recommendations, tips and itineraries from the hand-picked locals that know their cities the best (including that hole-in-the-wall Mexican place with the amazing quesadillas and sangria you’ll dream about for years to come), Jet Journal gives you everything you need to explore, connect and experience life … all in the one place.

With Jet Journal you can: 

  • Search, browse, and bookmark inspiration 
  • Create, customize, personalize, and share your own stories 
  • Plan your next authentic adventure using our expert curated guides 

Jet Journal is perfect for: 

  • Weekend explorers and daily adventures ready to find the one-of-a-kind secret nooks and experiences in their local city 
  • Wanderlust-bitten nomads planning their next holiday, getaway and international escapade 
  • The creative seeking an outlet to create and fully share their stories straight from their mobile device. No computer needed to create inspiring content!
  • You! The incredible human with a wealth of local (and beyond) knowledge. You're ready to curate and share your expert knowledge with our worldwide community. 

Camera Ready? Let's go. 


Our Contributors

Here at Jet Journal, we want to be more than just an app, we want to be a community. This means our site couldn't just highlight our app and the latest updates, but we needed to create valuable content for our users. Our contributors make it possible for us to do that! If you're interested in contributing to our page, just send us an email: or fill out the contact form. 

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eli solidum

Eli is an adventurer, writer, and photographer who has traveled through over forty countries across five continents. Since 2016, Eli has been traveling full-time, making friends and memories across the world as The Partying Traveler. If you ever stumbled across Eli along your travels, you will probably find him playing with dogs, scarfing down a mango smoothie, or lazing away in a hammock.


Maddy Odom

I'm Maddy. I moved to Paris in 2016 to study, travel more frequently, and for a change of scenery. It was my move to Paris which sparked the idea for Jet Journal. A few things I love are: taking photos that tell stories, visiting endless amounts of coffeeshops in Paris, and I have a passion for learning new skills in new, unfamiliar places. Most of my posts you will see on the site will include short reviews of the places I visit, mini guides on weekend trips I take, as well as any updates we've made to the app. Enjoy!


Amy & Eric

The team behind the The Near & Away website and YouTube channel.  The Near & Away is a site dedicated to travel and diving into local culture. We value farm made goods, local chefs and artesian made products. We're traveling the world to explore the niches. Honest and clean. Near and away.