Jet Journal is for the exceptional and the everyday. For the little moments and big adventures. We're here to help you share it all...with meaning and authenticity. 

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Jet Journal is a social lifestyle application designed to help users find, plan, and share experiences in an elevated way.

With Jet Journal you can: 

  • Create inspiring content with easy to use templates. From editing font style to adding a web link in every post, you have the ability to share content in a more elevated way than current social platforms allow.

  • Organize posts and ideas into journals. You can also add multiple authors to a journal, making it extremely convenient to share ideas and experiences.

  • Follow friends and curators for daily inspiration, whether you’re planning your next trip or just your next meal.

  • Find and save ideas for places you’d like to visit and experiences you would like to try.

Jet Journal is perfect for…

Travelers, creatives, and storytellers of all kinds.

Whether you’re a photographer, lifestyle blogger, traveler, or just looking for some inspiration, Jet Journal is the perfect fit for you. With our app you can find, plan, and share experiences like never before. In a time where storytelling in so important, we’ve created a platform specifically for that.

Ready? Let's go. 

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Our Contributors

Here at Jet Journal, we want to be more than just an app, we want to be a community. This means our site couldn't just highlight the app and the latest updates, but we needed to create valuable content for our users. Our contributors make it possible for us to do that! If you're interested in contributing to our page, just send us an email: or fill out the contact form. 

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eli solidum

Eli is an adventurer, writer, and photographer who has traveled through over forty countries across five continents. Since 2016, Eli has been traveling full-time, making friends and memories across the world as The Partying Traveler. If you ever stumbled across Eli along your travels, you will probably find him playing with dogs, scarfing down a mango smoothie, or lazing away in a hammock.


Maddy Odom

I’m Maddy. I moved to Paris several years ago to study and travel more frequently. I had never left the country until I was 14 years old, but ever since that first trip to Europe I was hooked on traveling. Little did I know, just five years later I would be living in the place I first visited. I was born and raised in Austin, Texas, but it wasn’t until I moved to Paris that I discovered my passion for photography, exploring new places, and connecting with other cultures. One night while sitting in a Parisian cafe, the idea for Jet Journal came to me. I personally wanted a platform to share all of my experiences, not just my highlights, and this is how Jet Journal started. I hope that the app will be a platform where users can find value in other people’s experiences and share their own stories, because everyone has something to share.


Amy & Eric

The team behind the The Near & Away website and YouTube channel.  The Near & Away is a site dedicated to travel and diving into local culture. We value farm made goods, local chefs and artesian made products. We're traveling the world to explore the niches. Honest and clean. Near and away.