8 Things to do in Fez, Morocco

Riad Les Oudayas: One of the first things we do when planning a trip is obviously flights and hotels. This riad was simply delightful. From the room to the food everything exceeded my expectations. The riad is decorated with these gorgeous tiles and the courtyard makes for a perfect place to grab a glass of Moroccan tea. Behind the courtyard, you have a giant eating area which is perfect for your group to get together for a great meal. The people who run the riad are amazing cooks and super kind as well. The roof has views of all of Fes, which makes for some great pictures. Their wifi is spotty though, but then again everywhere had spotty wifi. So this is definitely your chance to unplug and unwind!

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Riad Les Oudayas

Rooftop photo opportunities

Cooking Classes: This was one of my favorite things we did in Fez. A group of awesome ladies taught of how to make some traditional Moroccan dishes. It was a great learning experience and again a chance to connect more to the culture.

Take a day trip to Meknes or Volubilis: As I mentioned in my previous post, our group went to both Meknes and Volubilis. Both places were amazing, but if you’re limited on time you may have to choose one day trip. If you’re super into history and Roman ruins, then Volubilis is obviously right up your alley, but if you’re looking for a bigger city to explore, Meknes is a great option. 

volubilis morocco


Roman Ruins

Visit Mosques: This is another cultural experience you must have while in Fez, just be sure to check the rules and dress code before your visit. The architecture of the mosques are truly breathtaking. Every mosque we visited was very different, so if you have the chance you should see more than one. 

Fez, Morocco

Fez, Morocco

Weave through the narrow alleys: Getting lost in Fez is SO easy. A lot of things look the same and many of the shops sell similar items, so getting lost is pretty typical here. This is just another reason you want to be with a group or guide. Exploring the Medina is so necessary though. All the small shops offer some really cool souvenirs you probably want to take home. I bought some traditional blue and white pottery for my mom, which she loved. I also took home some real Moroccan oil and other beauty products. All the colors of the Medina make for some amazing pictures, which I definitely did not take advantage of. So be sure to take lots of pics! 

Sunset in the Medina

Sunset in the Medina

Visit the famous leather tanneries: Fez has enormous tanneries and it’s definitely a highlight of visiting Fez. A tannery is a place where you soak and dye hides in order to make leather. But be aware of the smell! When you get into the tannery they will give you mint to place under your nose because of the smell.

Cafe Clock: One of our professors who lived in Fez for a bit said this was one of his favorite places to hang out. It was a great place to grab a drink or a bite to eat, plus if you’re having wifi withdrawals this is your place.

Calligraphy Classes: When you think of calligraphy, you may not realize the tradition and history behind the art. In this class we learned the basics of traditional Arabic calligraphy from a professional. At the end of the class everyone went home with an Arabic writing of their name, which is now in my room of course! 

Post by: Maddy Odom