Brunch at Hotel Particulier in Paris, France


I’m always on the look-out for brunch places to try in Paris. I’ve had my eye on Hotel Particulier for quite some time now ever since I saw the picturesque entry into the hotel. Hidden in the trees in Montmartre, Hotel Particulier is the perfect place for brunch in Paris. They only serve brunch on the weekends, starting at noon, so I would recommend calling ahead just to make sure you can get a spot! 

Whenever you first walk onto the property, you’re surrounded by trees and beautiful views of Paris. As you’re entering the front gate of the hotel, you will catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower, which is a great photo taking opportunity. I was surprised by the décor of the restaurant itself, which has a very retro/60’s look, but it only adds to the hotel’s unique environment. 


 The brunch at Hotel Particulier is a bit pricey, but you get a lot for what you’re paying. It was 38 euros per person but with that you get juice, a hot drink, your choice of eggs, an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert. Yes, it’s a lot, but the brunch was small portions and actually super light. Plus, you’re in the perfect area to walk it off afterwards, so no worries about eating too much food! 

Now about the food…the food was delicious! I started off with a poached egg over shitake mushrooms and the burrata with tomatoes, which was super good. If you’re a vegetarian and looking for a good brunch in Paris, then the brunch at Hotel Particulier is a good choice. Following the appetizers, I chose a veggie orzo, while Leo had a cheeseburger. We both ended our meal with choux filled with berries and homemade whipped cream. So, whatever your preferences may be, I’m sure you can find something delicious at Hotel Particulier. They also offer dinner, which I may have to come back and try because their brunch comes highly recommended. 

After you’ve had your brunch and taken endless pictures of the hotel property, spend the afternoon strolling around Montmartre. Since it’s the weekend, there is a lot going on in the area, so it’s the perfect opportunity to do a little souvenir shopping or even get your portrait done by a local artist. Montmartre is also where Sacre Coeur is located, just a fair warning though, on weekends it can be a bit crazy! 

I hope you have a great experience like we did at Hotel Particulier, it may even be a good option to stay there? I didn’t get the chance to see the rooms, but the location is prime and I’m sure it would make for an unforgettable stay. Enjoy Paris and I hope you get the chance to spend a little time at Hotel Particulier.