Hotel San Regis- Paris, France


Paris is a city of luxury things, from hotels to restaurants to shopping. This past weekend we got the chance to stay a night at Hotel San Regis in the Terrace Suite, which means we had the best view in Paris! This is not an exaggeration. From the full view of the Eiffel Tower to the picturesque rooftops and the Grand Palais, this Hotel San Regis suite might be the best view in Paris. Hotel San Regis is a luxury hotel, so I must warn readers that their prices are high, but not as high as other luxury hotels in Paris, such as the Shangri La or Le Bristol. 


Tucked away in the 8tharrondissement of Paris, Hotel San Regis is a small hotel in a prime location right next to Avenue Montaigne, which is famous for its high-end shopping. The hotel was quiet, quaint, and the perfect place to stay if you’re looking for a good experience in Paris. As mentioned, we stayed in the Terrace Suite, which set the scene for an amazing weekend. I’m pretty sure we spent majority of our stay outside on the terrace because the views and atmosphere were simply unbelievable. 

There are many, many luxury hotels in Paris including Le Bristol, the George V, Shangri La, etc., which are all amazing (and expensive!) options, but if you’re looking for a smaller, luxury option, then Hotel San Regis may be the hotel for you. We booked a night for a late anniversary celebration and played tourists in our own city. We were amazed at how quiet and peaceful the terrace suite was. Sometimes Paris can get busy and hectic, but during our stay we felt like we were completely alone even though we were in the heart of Paris. 

From the marble bathroom, to the lounge area, to the terrace, this suite couldn’t have been more relaxing. Once we arrived in our room we immediately ordered room service (which we ate outside of course!) since we were going to have a very late dinner that night at Le Maison Blanche (HIGHLY recommended.) If you stay here you’re probably going to want to have every meal outside, well if the weather is nice at least. 


 Hotel San Regis is the perfect place for a luxury getaway, even if you live in Paris live we do! Since the prices are high, but it’s such an amazing experience, maybe you could plan to stay just one night as we did. Possibly rent an Airbnb for majority of your stay so you can get the more local Parisian experience, then spend one night in luxury at the San Regis.