7 of the Best Coffee Shops in Paris, France

There are endless amounts coffee shops in Paris, France, whether you’re looking for a traditional French café to sip an espresso or a new trendy coffee spot, Paris has lots to offer. Here are a few of the Parisian coffee shops that we think are some of the best in Paris…

ibrik Paris 9eme

ibrik Paris 9eme


Tucked away in the 9tharrondissement of Paris, you will find Ibrik. This coffee shop is the absolute perfect place to grab a latte, a cookie, and work away the day, well that’s what I did at least! Ibrik has a small one person table in front of their window, which is the absolute best spot to enjoy your coffee and people watch. A piece of advice, you MUST try the chocolate chip cookie, seriously it is AMAZING. If you come around lunch time you can head upstairs to their enclosed rooftop lunch area. On their menu you can find things like hummus, pita sandwiches, and more. This is not a place to be missed and may even be the best on this list…

coutume cafe

This is a pretty famous one around Paris. They have good brunch and of course, good coffee! We visited the other day and found Coutume to be very welcoming. They obviously know what they’re doing when it comes to coffee and the barista was super helpful when it came to picking out some coffee beans. You also get a complimentary shot of espresso when you purchase a package of beans, so that’s a great bonus! Coutume is located near Musee Rodin, so it’s a perfect breakfast or lunch spot before heading over the visit the museum. 


Usually I do my research before trying out a new coffee spot, but Oultma was one we happened to just stumble upon. We were actually going to try out the Boot Café because I had seen it on social media multiple times, but Oultma was across the street and caught our attention. The atmosphere was super light and airy with comfortable couch seating. Not only does this place have amazing coffee, but they’re known as a tea house. A few of us tried their iced tea and were extremely satisfied. We happened to be there the same time as a coffee blogger, so we had to chance to watch a few demonstrations and learn more about the barista’s process and their coffee. 

brunch @coutume cafe

brunch @coutume cafe


Located in the 15tharrondissement of Paris, O’coffeeshop is the perfect place to grab a latte and their must-have banana bread. There aren’t too many coffee shops in this area compared to the other areas on this list, so if you’re in the 15thand looking for a good brunch spot then O’Coffeeshop is your place. But just a warning, they are closed on Sundays, so be sure to make your plans accordingly. 

Braun Notes

Braun Notes is in the 9tharrondissement and serves brunch on the weekends. We went on a Saturday just for a latte, but the food around us looked great! It seems like their claim to fame is their granola bowls served out of coconuts. I must admit I was tempted to try one even though we had just eaten lunch. So, if you’re looking for a light brunch or just a simple coffee, then give this place a try!

Cafe Kitsune

This café is another pretty famous one around Paris. Maison Kitsune is a clothing brand and this café is a part of their brand. I put this one on the list because the location is extremely picturesque. Located in the Jardin du Palais Royal, Café Kitsune makes for the perfect place for a morning café. Grab a coffee and make your way to their outside seating area or find a place on one of the park benches and enjoy! 

latte from Cafe Kitsune in the Jardin du Palais Royal

latte from Cafe Kitsune in the Jardin du Palais Royal


Marcelle is not only a good spot for coffee, but it’s also a great lunch spot. From pastries to delicious veggie bowls and much more, anyone can find something they love at Marcelle. They can get a bit busy depending on the time you go, so we usually try to go during the less popular times (late afternoon or an early lunch.) The third floor is where we have eaten most of the time and it’s one large table for everyone, so its creates a cozy atmosphere and is different from a lot of places you’ll see around Paris. 

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