Sandy Sea Resort, Railay Beach, Thailand


Railay Beach is a secluded paradise tucked away behind the mountains of Krabi region. This dream destination is unreachable by land and only accessible by one of the iconic Thai longtail boats. It is only a short boat ride from Ao Nang but depending on the weather and the ocean, it can be a rocky journey on such a small boat. Crystal clear blue waters and one-of-a-kind landscapes await for those adventurous enough to make the trip. 

Located right on West Railay Beach where the longtail boats drop you off, Sand Sea Resort is the perfect location to call home for your Railay Beach adventures. You can choose from cute, little, private cottages or a luxurious room with a balcony giving you a gorgeous view of the vast jungle and majestic mountains. The location is idyllic and peaceful where you can feel one with the nature surrounding you.


 Along with being literally right on the beach, Sand Sea Resort has two amazing pools to choose from. There’s one right by the beach and a more secluded one tucked away amidst the lush jungle. If the beach isn’t quite cutting it for you, these are two perfect spots to cool off from the sizzling Thai heat.

Sand Sea Resort also has a large restaurant right on the beach with both buffet style and a la carte options available. Be warned though, it gets very crowded once the sun begins to set as it is the perfect viewpoint for sunset watching in Railay. Believe me, it might be one of the best sunset spots in all of Thailand. The setting sun dips right over the ocean, flanked by the majestic mountains of Railay on both sides. Once the ocean and mountains start getting draped in the golden hour, even the locals will stop what they’re doing just to admire the beauty.


The best part of Railay Beach is how everything is within walking distance. The three main beaches are all less than ten minutes away from each other by foot, not that you really have a choice. Railay Beach is almost entirely devoid of motorized vehicles. You might stumble into a motorbike here and there but aside from that, the island truly does feel isolated from the outside world. 

While Railay does have its fair share of resorts and hotels, its level of development and commercialization are far from that of Thailand’s other tropical island getaways. The short strip of bars and restaurants is entirely local and only about five minutes walk away from Sand Sea Resort. Phra Nang Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, is just a ten minute walk away.

Railay Beach is one of the best places in Thailand to take it slow and truly relax. Sand Sea Resort makes it even more effortless to have an incredible time here.

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