A Weekend in Beaune, France

There are so many easy weekend trips you can take from Paris, Beaune is definitely one you should take advantage of. I really enjoyed our trip down to Beaune. It was easy to get to, a nice getaway from the big city, and a great place for food and wine! I think a weekend is the perfect amount of time to spend in Beaune. Here are a few things we did: 


L'hotel de Beaune

Stay here! Relax with a nice bath and great views of Beaune out of every window

My first advice to you, which was amazing advice given to me (thanks Amy and Eric!), is to book a room at L'hotel de Beaune. We stayed in the Annex part of the hotel, which is above the bistro, and newly renovated. Everything was so nice and it's in a good part of the town with restaurants and shopping nearby. 


Fondue and Wine

Beaune is the perfect place for all you foodies. Le Bistro Des Cocottes (shown above) was the perfect place to grab lunch when we arrived on Saturday. Be sure to try the poached egg and leek fondue and a glass of wine of course! The staff was super friendly and we had a great experience there. 


Hospices de Beaune

a must see sight in Beaune

Even though Beaune is a pretty small town, there are some amazing sights to be seen, like Hospices de Beaune. Hospices de Beaune was founded in 1443 as a hospital for the poor. You can still see the way everything was set up in the 1400s; the kitchen, pharmacy, church, and much more. 


Wine tours!

Probably the most important tour in Beaune

Since Beaune is in Burgundy, a lot of the town is centered around wine. Wine tours, wine shops, bookstores filled with books about wine. There are a lot of options as far as tours go. We went to the Marche Aux Vins and did the self guided tasting and tour of the cellar, but if you're looking for something more in depth, there are plenty of options. 


Bistro de L'hotel

the bistro just under our hotel room!

This bistro is pricey for sure, but it is a Michelin star restaurant and located just under our hotel room! I think when you're in a place like Beaune, you have to treat yourself to great food and wine and this is the place to do it. Be sure to make a reservation just in case they get busy, don't want to miss out on this one!


Stroll the streets

a good picture around every corner

I loved the photo opportunities that Beaune had to offer. I swear we stopped every few seconds to take yet another picture of an alley. Every street was unique and when the weather is nice you could definitely spend a few hours strolling the streets. There are a few busy shopping streets and a lot of shopping opportunities whether it be wine, chocolate, or a bookshop. 

We visited Beaune in February so the weather wasn't the best. We still had a great time, but there are many other activities that could be done in the warmth! Check out my France journal to see all the ideas I had for Beaune: brunch spots, shopping, and other wine experiences. 

Post by: Maddy Odom