Our 10 Favorite JJ Beach Posts

This month we're featuring some awesome Jet Journal users and the theme is beach! They had some great beach photos that we definitely think should be shared. It's awesome to have Jet Journal users who are traveling in all different parts of the world. To see more, download Jet Journal for free on the App Store today!

beach ft. 1 .jpg

Positano, italy

We can never get enough of Positano's amazing views. Follow Sofia @sofiasclafani on Jet Journal to see more awesome pictures from Italy and way more!

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El Nido, Palawan

We love seeing all of the Partying Traveler's post on Jet Journal. If you want to see more of his travels from all over the world, be sure to follow him @partyingtraveler on Jet Journal or look up his blog!

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Bali, Indonesia

This destination definitely makes the bucket list, and it's clear why with Dianna's picture! To read her blog posts and see more great photos from all around Asia, be sure to follow her @outglobing on Jet Journal.

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Burning Palms, New South Wales

I'm pretty sure every beach in Australia is breathtaking...Follow @michbrew11 to see more of what Australia has to offer!

beach ft. 8  .jpg

St. Marteen, Caribbean

Watching a Caribbean sunset is where I wish I was right now! I'll take a room at the Four Seasons too (haha!). Leo has spent many summers in St. Marteen and is definitely your guy if you're looking for some Caribbean inspiration. Follow him on Jet Journal @tleo19

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Carpinteria, California

We loved this picture from @chloeastout in California. She has some great beach photos, it was hard to pick just one!

beach ft. 7 .jpg

Phi Phi Viewpoint 3, Thailand

I think we can all agree that Phi Phi Viewpoint 3 is THE photo taking spot in Thailand. Follow @sophie to see more of her Thailand adventures.

beach ft. 9 .jpg

Etretat, France

When we think of France, I don't think beaches come to mind, but look at this extremely cute beach in Etretat! The little boats on the sand make for the perfect photo opportunity. Follow @tugay and @camille to see more from France and Istanbul.

beach ft. 10 .jpg

Capri, Italy

A great view from the hotel is essential when in Capri. @stephane captured a great shot from the Capri Palace Hotel and Spa. Follow him on Jet Journal to see more from Capri and his other beach escapes.

beaxh ft. 11.jpg

Oreti Beach, New Zealand

According to @beachinglife, Oreti Beach is perfect for swimming and 4x4 off roading. Sign us up! To see more awesome beaches, check out @beachinglife on Jet Journal.