5 Trendy Areas in Bangkok, Thailand

The biggest mistake travelers make when going to Bangkok is sticking to just one area. Bangkok is not a single city as much as it is a collection of various unique districts lumped together under one name. Many young backpackers will visit Khao San Road and a few temples and tell people how much Bangkok sucks.

If you give Bangkok a chance, you will find a neighborhood that is exactly what you're looking for. The districts of Bangkok are often unrecognizable from one another, even those that are directly next to each other. 

Here are five districts in Bangkok that travelers should experience before leaving: 

1. Ari


Ari is one of Bangkok’s most up and coming neighborhoods. It covers a pretty small area but that area is packed with many of Bangkok’s trendiest cafes, bars, and restaurants. I felt like I was walking through Portland (without the high prices), while I was exploring it. From quirky cafes to spacious outdoor jazz bars, this area had the works. You’ll also find organic grocery markets, fitness centers, and plenty of boutique clothing stores.

2. Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit is one of Bangkok’s nightlife capitals. A night out at Sukhumvit will have you feeling like you are living large. You can experience anything from fancy sky bars to booming megaclubs at night. During the day, you’ve got some of Bangkok’s finest restaurants. You can’t miss Above Eleven while you are here. It is one of the lesser-known sky bars. It has its own Peruvian-Japanese fusion restaurant and surprisingly, it won’t break the bank.

3. Thonglor

If you are interested in more local nightlife, Thonglor is where the locals go to party. For most travelers, it is a bit far out of the way, so if you want to see how the Thai people party, this is the place to be. A highlight would be The Beer Cap, the place to be for anyone tired of drinking only Changs and Singhas. For something a little crazier, Beam offers DJs spinning deep house in one of Bangkok’s most popular nightclubs.



Above Eleven

Rooftop Bar, Restaurant , and lounge

4. Chinatown


Chinatown is pure chaos. If you can survive the craziness of Chinatown, you will surely find some sort of beauty inside it. It is a far cry from the modern luxuries of the other districts I have mentioned thus far, but it is one that you can’t miss while you are in Bangkok. Although the restaurants may not seem as flashy or shiny as the ones in Sukhumvit or Ari, some are known worldwide for their cuisine. Walk a few streets down and you will inevitably wander through some of the craziest alleyways you will ever encounter. Enter the dragon, if you dare.

5. Ekkamai

Ekkamai is one of Bangkok’s trendiest neighborhoods that doesn’t also happen to be overrun by tourists. Here, you will find some of the best food at local prices. The numerous cafes at Ekkamai also make it the caffeine capital of Thailand’s city that never sleeps. Their long list of cafes includes the 24-hour Owl Cafe and Bistro. Although it lacks in nightlife, residents and visitors alike should have no problem going one stop over on the metro to the booming Thonglor or Phra Khanong.

Post By: Eli Solidum

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