Create Your Story with Jet Journal

For those of you who know anything about app development, you know it’s never a quick or easy process. If you were someone who downloaded the first version of Jet Journal, thanks for trying it out! As a first version of anything, there’s lots of things that have to be fixed, taken out, or replaced by new and improved features. 

And that’s exactly what we did. We have so many goals and features we want to add for the future, but hey, one step at a time. Here at Jet Journal we want to give users the freedom to personalize their experiences, get inspired by other users, and find the absolute best experiences possible. We want to be the go to platform for travelers, locals, or anyone who just likes exploring new things, because who doesn’t like new experiences?

The point of this blog post is to give you a few ideas of the features we have in store for the Version 2.0. We hope to have this version done by summer 2018 . Fingers crossed! 

Journals and Posts 

For those of you who use the app now, you know what journals are. They’re the base of what the whole app is built on, hence the name Jet Journal. Journals are an organizational tool of sorts. It holds all of your posts and ideas affiliated with a specific category. This category could be anything from “Best Restaurants in Paris” to “Spring Break 2017.” Journals are whatever you want them to be! And in this next version, we really extended upon this concept.

Journals are your story, your experiences, your memories. They are a digital recollection of all your favorite moments (posts). We are giving users the tools to create completely personalized posts, which up until now have only been created on computers. Create your posts by choosing the layout of your images, adding text way beyond what a caption allows, and who knows, maybe even switch up the font a bit! We want to give you the tools to create your story all from your iPhone, no computer or website necessary. Express yourself, personalize your posts, and share your story. 

Version 2.1: Guides

If you’re like me, you spend tons of time researching things to do in new places, or new restaurants to try, or when you arrive in a new place you’re like “ok, what now?” We’re so lucky to live in a time where there are so many resources for the information we want, whether that be expert bloggers, Instagram accounts we love, Pinterest inspiration, and a million other sources. Problem is, what info do we trust and how do we organize this overload of great knowledge?

This is where guides come in. We’re on a mission to conveniently connect you with the best experiences created by experts we trust. Keywords: conveniently, experiences, experts, trust. Like I mentioned above, everything is done through the app, all on your phone, which is what we need when we’re out and about discovering new places.

These experiences are made up of recommendations of places to visit, written tips about everything from currency to things you need to know, and finally itineraries. Great thing is, it’s completely up to the curator to personalize their guides and provide the best of the best info to give you a meaningful experience.

You may ask, how are they trusted? Not everyone can be a curator. Curators will apply through our app and we will give a detailed review of their work to make sure they can provide our users with reliable content. Even once the curator is approved by us, every individual guide will also have to be approved. So, don’t worry, you’re in good hands! 

Those are the two features we’re focusing on for the next version, let us know what your thoughts are or if you would like to see something added to Jet Journal. We are always, always open to feedback, so please share with us! You can contact us at with any additional thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you, as always!


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