5 Must-Visit Cafes in Bali

Crate Cafe's incredible breakfast plates, averaging around $3-4 per plate.

Crate Cafe's incredible breakfast plates, averaging around $3-4 per plate.

1. Crate Cafe, Canggu

Crate Cafe has quickly become one of Bali’s most iconic cafes. Their smoothie bowls are to die for and are a perfect way to start a morning. If you’re looking for something more substantial, their brekkie plates are massive and delicious. Of course, the coffee here is great, too. The motto (and wi-fi password) here at Crate Cafe is simple, life’s crate.

What really wins visitors over about Crate Cafe is the massive space and minimalistic interior. It is spacious with only a few tables and faded pink couches taking up the area. The open-air style of the building makes for a breezy brekkie in Bali’s usually beautiful weather. The place does fill up pretty quickly, especially once the partygoers of Canggu recover from the night before and start gravitating towards Crate’s smoothie bowls and massive breakfasts. Get here early or else you’ll never find your scooter in the horde of other scooters.

A small art gallery and a boutique take up the rest of the cafe. Oh, and you can’t leave without talking to the amazing owner. She’s the middle-aged woman dancing to the music. You’ll know who I’m talking about.

A smoothie bowl from Sisterfields Cafe in Seminyak, Bali.

A smoothie bowl from Sisterfields Cafe in Seminyak, Bali.

2. Sisterfields Cafe, Seminyak

Sisterfields is another of those cafes that had humble beginnings only to become one of Bali’s most frequented hotspots. The stunning design of the cafe definitely is a big reason why. The outdoor seating area provides a serene environment, surrounded by lush greenery. The interior is pristine, modern, and minimalistic. 

It’s the food that does the talking over at Sisterfields. As you’ll come to find in Bali, smoothie bowls are as important to cafes as french fries are to burger joints. You just can’t have a good cafe in Bali without a killer smoothie bowl. Aside from their Acai Berry Bowl, Sisterfields offers a wide variety of food options. A menu featuring both tacos al pastor and shakshuka should give you an idea of how varied the menu is.

If you ask someone where they want to eat and they respond with “I don’t care,” then Sisterfields is the place to go. Everyone’s bound to find something that they want. If not, Sisterfields doubles as a cocktail bar so down a Lychee Martini and look through the menu again. Repeat until something sounds good.

3. Clear Cafe, Ubud 

Clear Cafe is as impressive of a cafe as you will ever see. The layout, design, and architecture of this popular restaurant will amaze anyone that comes through. Take your shoes off and walk in through the Hobbit-style circular wooden door. You’ll be welcomed by a Koi Fish infinity pool and walls draped in lush vegetation. You can go upstairs via an extravagant wooden staircase (and then slide back down via a pole like the firemen do). There’s a lot going at Clear Cafe but the various designs work together to make for a unique dining environment.

As far as the food goes, Clear Cafe is difficult to beat. Their menu is vast and covers all sorts of cuisine, ranging from Mexican to Indian to who even knows. Their smoothies and juices are amazing. All of their food is organic and locally sourced. They even have a map in the menu so you know exactly what part of Bali their produce is coming from. With the exception of a few tuna dishes, Clear Cafe is a vegetarian establishment. Even for meat-eaters, Clear Cafe is a must visit.

The lush green interior of Clear Cafe.

The lush green interior of Clear Cafe.

4. Habitat Cafe, Ubud

Another popular spot in Ubud is Habitat Cafe, located right across the Monkey Forest. You can grab a seat outside overlooking the monkey forest and you’ll be sure to see a few playful monkeys making their way around. You might even get a visit from one of them. If monkeys aren’t your thing, you can go into their heavily pineapple-themed interior. The Wi-Fi at Habitat is one of the fastest and most reliable in Bali so this is a perfect spot if you need to get some work done or catch up with your friends and family back home.

Habitat does breakfast extremely well and I would recommend either a smoothie bowl or their unique take on eggs benedict. For lunch or dinner, their salads and curries are delicious but it is hard to go wrong with whatever you choose.

5. KYND Community, Canggu

A quick scroll through Instagram of anything remotely related to Bali will cause you to eventually stumble into KYND’s famous pink wall. “Another day in paradise,” the wall will say. Although the pink wall is a bit misleading (directly outside the frame is a much less-scenic view), KYND has way more to offer than just pink walls.

Their smoothie bowls are renowned as among the best in Bali. You can even customize what the fruit in the bowls say! This vegan, plant-based cafe has established itself as one of Bali’s most popular cafes. That says something for an island that is just full of incredible places to grab a coffee and hang out.