5 Reasons to Visit Ljubljana

Ljubljana City Center

Ljubljana was definitely one of those places I didn't know much about before visiting. The extent of my knowledge of Slovenia consisted of picturesque views of Lake Bled, but I had heard good things about the capital as well. So without knowing much about the place,  Leo and I packed up our bags and we were on our way. I think that's the best way to do it, because that way you get to completely make your own opinion on a new place without any bias. 


Here are some of the reasons I would definitely recommend making a stop in Ljubljana on your next European vacation: 

The Food: You may be doubting me right now, but I promise you, Ljubljana's food scene is unlike anything you've ever experienced before. We took a food tour, which I will talk about in more detail in another post because it deserves its own post, it was THAT good. From burgers, to wine bars, to traditional Slovenian food, Ljubljana has you covered. 

The People: So, so nice. You don't speak Slovenian? No worries, some Slovenians spoke English almost as good as I do! Not only do they speak great English, but they are extremely nice and helpful. 

The Atmosphere: I've decided Ljubljana is one of the most chill cities there is. That's one of the first things you'll notice about the city. When you're in the city center, the river is lined with cafes and restaurants packed full of people on the patio. No matter the weather, the locals are still eating and drinking on the patio just enjoying themselves. 

The Markets: Ljubljana has a large covered market, as well an outdoor market filled with local vendors. We sampled local cheeses and took way too many pictures. On most Fridays the market has Open Kitchen, which is an opportunity to try out so much yummy local food. We unfortunately missed it because it got canceled for bad weather, even though the weather ended up being perfect!  

The Day Trips: Slovenia has wayyy more to offer than just Ljubljana. We took a day trip to Lake Bled (of course), which was just a 30 minute drive. *Note: If you take the bus (the cheapest option) it can take 1 hour and a half and the buses fill up quick! We took a taxi there for 40 euros because when we tried to buy bus tickets, they weren't available until really late in the day. I have to admit, I was glad we took a cab.  

The Hidden Gems: Ljubljana has so many good places to grab brunch, a drink, or just to hang out. We found some really awesome places. One of my favorite places was a coffeeshop where the barista taught me how to make legit coffee, not my usual instant coffee routine!

To find out the names of the coffeeshop and more Ljubljana gems, check out my Ljubljana journal on Jet Journal! There you will find all the places we visited and you can them as ideas for your trip to the Slovenian capital. I hope this post has convinced you to visit Ljubljana. However, words can't begin to describe this place! 

Post By: Maddy Odom