Ibiza, Spain: Hacienda Na Xamena

Whenever you think of Ibiza you may think of the famous clubs and party culture, but this is an oasis away from it ALL. This newly remodeled hotel was the first 5-star hotel built on the island  (thanks to our food tour guide for that fact!) and possibly the best hotel on the island to date. Reasons to stay at Hacienda Na Xamena: 

  • I believe every room has a balcony and private hot tub

  • The views are unbeatable from everywhere in the hotel

  • The spa is one of the best!

  • The hotel has amazing design and is everything is updated

  • It's perfect for a quiet, relaxing vacation away from all the noise

Reasons you may want to stay somewhere different: 

  • Far away from Ibiza town; everywhere we went was around a 30 minute drive

  • It is expensive; This is a 5-star luxury hotel, but worth the splurge!

Enough with all the talking, I'll let the photos do the rest!

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Find everything you need to know about the Hacienda below! Safe travels!


Post By: Maddy Odom