Pasta Making Class in Florence, Italy

There are so many amazing places to see while visiting Florence, Italy, however, one experience you must have in Florence is a traditional, Italian cooking class. We booked a pasta making class through Curious Appetite Travel with a Florence native, Patrizia Cantini, who is an Italian chef, cookbook author, and food/wine journalist. 

I was traveling through Italy with my mom and we felt like a cooking class would be a great experience for us, and it was! If you’re traveling with someone special, or even traveling solo through Italy, I highly recommend this course. Curious appetite offers a ton of different culinary experiences, as well as various types of cooking classes if pasta making just isn’t your thing. The operates not only in Florence, but around various locations in Tuscany and offers food and bike tours as well as “wine adventures.”

Anyways…back to our amazing pasta making class!

pasta 1_.jpg

We decided to take the pasta making class, because what better place than Italy is there to learn how to make homemade pasta?! One of my absolute favorite things about traveling is learning new skills in new places, then coming home and incorporating it into daily life, which is exactly what this class allowed us to do. 

Here were the things we made with Patrizia: (I will link the course at the end of the article for you to browse!)

  • Tagliatelle with asparagus

  • Ravioli with spinach (Ravioli con spinaci)

  • Gnocchi with meat sauce (Gnocchi al ragu)

  • Strawberry Mousse (Mousse di fragole)

This class was special because it took place in Patrizia’s apartment in the heart of Florence. Not only did the class take place in a traditional Italian home, but after we were finished cooking we enjoyed dinner with her family. Now some of you may be thinking, “I’m not sure if I would be comfortable cooking in someone else’s home or eating dinner with a family I don’t know.” I knew this was something that would be way out of my mom’s comfort zone, but it was such a unique, authentic, and personal experience that we will value for years to come! Following the cooking class, Patrizia will email you all the recipes so you can continue to make them when you return home.

mw cooking  1_.jpg

If you’re interested in learning to make different types of pasta, then you must take this class. Learning hands on, from a pro, is the only way to do it! There are so many details that come into play when making pasta, like how to knead the dough, how the humidity of the room affects the pasta, and how to perfectly fold ravioli (something I had more than a little difficulty with!) Click the button below to learn more about this class and more of what Curious Appetite Travel has to offer!

Post by Maddy Odom 

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