Nassau, Bahamas: Luxury vs. Full Service resort


When you think of Nassau, you probably think of Atlantis, the popular all-inclusive resort. Even though it's popular, you may be asking if it's the best place for you. We were lucky to have the opportunity to stay at both the Atlantis and The Ocean Club, which is a Four Seasons resort just down the beach from Atlantis. 

I'll start with Atlantis. Here are some reasons you may want to stay at Atlantis: 

  • Traveling with family (especially kids). Great for activities and events.

  • If crowds don't bother you. This is a tourist spot for sure and cruise ships regularly stop by. So if you're looking for a more relaxed spot, you may want to look elsewhere!

  • Variety. Atlantis has tons of restaurants, activities, bars, shops, and even a casino on the grounds. It's close proximity to everything is definitely nice to have.

I should note that there is a more luxury, high-end section of Atlantis called The Cove. It's on a more secluded part of the beach, has adult only pools, and the hotel itself is nicer, as are the restaurants. So this may be a good in-between option between the main Atlantis resort and the Four Seasons. A free shuttle runs all day through all of the Atlantis resorts, as well as to the Four Seasons, since many Four Seasons guests make day trips over to Atlantis. 

Here are some reasons to stay at the Four Seasons:  

  • You're looking to relax in peace and quiet. The Four Seasons is very secluded and all the guests seem to be there for relaxation purposes only. The main attractions are the pool, beach, restaurant, and spa.

  • Looking for a luxury experience. The rooms are extremely nice and every room comes with a butler who offers champagne and chocolate covered strawberries upon arrival!

  • The restaurant/bar. Even though the Four Seasons only has one restaurant, you could eat here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without any complaints! Also, the bar has the greatest Pina Coladas on Earth. Oh and try the banana bread at breakfast!

  • The views. The beach. The pool. Enough said.


Everyone seeks a different experience when they travel, just depends what you're looking for! Regardless of where you choose to stay, you can always jump back and forth between the two, which is what we did. Maybe you stay at Atlantis, but go to the Four Seasons for a spa day. Or you stay at the Four Seasons and hop over to Atlantis for a night at the casino. Either way, both hotels make for an awesome Nassau getaway.  

Post By: Maddy Odom