Food Tour in Ljubljana, Slovenia with LjubljanaYUM


Food tours are a great way to discover the local culture and see the lesser known parts of a new city. While you may be worried about giving up 4-5 hours of your vacation, it is a must have experience, especially in Ljubljana. Ljubljana was one of those places I visited with no clue what to expect before arriving. I’m usually a picky eater and when you think of Slovenia you may not think of good food, but think again, because Ljubljana’s food culture is an extremely pleasant surprise!

I saw a LjubljanaYUM food tour featured on a vlog and the experience looked amazing, from visiting the food market to trying fresh yoghurt from a vending machine, we knew the food tour was a must-do in Slovenia, along with visiting Lake Bled, of course!

LjubljanaYUM offers different types of tours, like the regular food tour or a craft beer tour, so depending on what kind of tour you’re looking for, I’m sure they will be able to meet your needs! Not only does the company offer amazing tours, but they were extremely accommodating and nice. We had some scheduling issues and they found us a tour extremely last minute. The owner also gave us a lot of tips on activities to do in Ljubljana and around Slovenia, like hikes to do and other experiences, in case they couldn’t find us an available tour (but thankfully they did!) 

Our food tour lasted about four hours and we visited around five or six different places, including the indoor and outdoor food market. One of my favorite things about this tour was that we were going from place to place, trying a lot of different types of foods. Other tours I had previously been on were more of a city tour, with less emphasis on trying foods, and more focused on the history of the place. 




Our first stop on the tour was the indoor market where we tasted different types of local cheeses and saw other local vendors. Then we saw the outdoor market, which is where all the fruit and veggies were, as well as the flower market, which made for some great pics! Be sure not to miss the vending machine with yoghurt and other dairy products. You may even see a local filling up a bottle of milk. 

Following the markets, we started making our way around to the restaurants. At every stop we had pre-ordered food, so everyone got to try a bit of everything. Obviously, I’m not going to name any of the restaurants (gotta keep LjubljanaYUM secret spots a secret!), but I can give you an idea of the types of places we visited. 

We started with a traditional Slovenian restaurant, which gave you a great idea of their culture and the different kinds of foods you may find in a Slovenian household. We then visited a trendier restaurant that was also an art exhibit where we tried beer and some other basic appetizer type foods. 

We also tried a few wine bars and an Italian food restaurant, but my favorite was the last stop; the coffee shop. I’m a little biased because I’m a sucker for a good cup of coffee, but this is definitely a spot you may never find if you don’t take the food tour. The coffee shop was a bit outside of the city center, and the second you walk in you can tell it’s a true local hangout in Ljubljana. 



It’s one of those places you pay by the amount of time you stay there and not by the drinks/food you buy. It is self-serving, but the best part is that the barista will show you how to make the perfect cup of Slovenian coffee, which was my favorite part of the whole tour!

In summary, this is a must-have experience in Ljubljana. Dedicate a morning and an afternoon to take this tour and you won’t be sorry. Click the button below to learn more about the tours LjubljanaYUM have to offer!