San Jose del Pacifico, Oaxaca: La Cumbre


San Jose del Pacifico is a tiny town tucked away in the mountains of Mexico’s beautiful Oaxaca region. The entirety of its “downtown” region can be walked across in a span of two minutes but the town extends deep into the mountains. For those with the dedication and calf muscles to traverse the grueling hillside, incredible views of the endless mountains await.

The quiet town itself has little to do but boasts as a popular respite for weary travelers looking for a break from Mexico’s more adventurous destinations. A few hours south lie the Pacific Oceanside towns that attract surfers and divers. To the north surrounding Oaxaca City are ancient ruins, desert biomes, and incredible nature for hikers and adventurers. San Jose del Pacifico serves as that perfect stopping point, a place to relax for a few days in the forested mountains separating the desert from the beach.

An incredible place to stay in San Jose del Pacifico are the cabins of La Cumbre, a cozy complex overlooking a vast expanse of mountains. With San Jose del Pacifico nestled in at over 8,000 feet above sea level, one can often find themselves eye level with the clouds.


While the view itself never physically changes, the ever-changing sky and clouds are like magic. You’ll never get the same view at La Cumbre twice.

Like the town of San Jose del Pacifico itself, La Cumbre does not boast most of the amenities that a more well-trodden travel destination will possess. That means little to no Internet, cold showers, and a cozy room with little more than a bed and a warm bundle of blankets. For a price of 150 pesos ($7 USD) per private cabin, there is very little to complain about. Grab a good book, lay in the hammock and take in as much of the incredible views as you can. The sunrises and sunsets are unlike anything else you’ll find in this world.

Even though La Cumbre has become one of the more popular places to stay for travelers, it still feels as cozy and friendly as a bed and breakfast. Despite the cabins being a little spread out over the hillside, and across several floors in almost a maze-like setting, it is impossible to befriend fellow travelers and the local staff that will make you feel like part of their family. With few restaurants, cafes, or bars actually located in the town of San Jose del Pacifico, La Cumbre’s comedor becomes the hotspot at night for travelers to share stories over Oaxaca’s signature dish of tlayuda and a few Victoria beers.


La Cumbre can often be difficult to find and after talking to most of the other guests, it seems like it is almost a rite of passage to get lost on the way. To find La Cumbre, walk up the hill directly across from the small “bus station” that the van will drop you off at. At the fork in the road, take the narrower road on the left and follow that road until you come across a huge pile of white sacks. Walk past that pile and take an immediate left and climb that final stretch of stairs. You’ll know you’ve arrived once you see the view, one that is unlike other you will find in Mexico.

Post by: Eli Solidum

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