Mount Batur Sunrise Hike


What better (Batur?) time to wake up for a hike than at 3 AM? Probably literally any other time, actually. However, the early monkey gets the views and you do not want to miss out on seeing Bali draped in the morning sun. Hiking Mount Batur at sunrise gives you incredible panoramic views of Bali’s beautiful landscapes, with the morning sun rising over Lake Batur and majestic Mount Agung being the highlight.

You start off in nearly complete darkness with only flashlights guiding the way. For the first time on your trip in Bali, you might actually feel a little bit chilly. Luckily, by the time the hike starts getting difficult, there will be splashes of sun lighting your way up the mountain. After the first little bit of incline catches your vacation body off guard, you’ll start regretting those addictive smoothie bowls.



Don’t be too worried, though. The hike up itself should only take a maximum of two hours so it is doable for pretty much anyone dedicated enough. The hardest part is waking up at 3 AM, honestly. The trail is rocky and oftentimes steep but take your time and you will have no problem.


Once you reach the top of Mount Batur, it is serenity and relaxation for a little while. Rest your legs, eat your breakfast, and get your cameras ready. The show is about to begin. Brisk mountain air in the morning is hard to beat, but it is practically unbeatable here considering that you have likely been melting in the Balinese heat for your entire trip thus far.

The views you will find on the internet do not do the experience any justice. Being atop Mount Batur in the calm darkness as the sky gradually begins to gain color is an experience that is difficult to put into pictures and even more difficult to put into words.

Oh yeah, the sun isn’t the only thing that rises in the morning. The overly-friendly (or aggressive, depending on how you feel about them) monkeys start to awaken from their slumber and will be gunning for food and shiny things. Just make sure to keep your valuables close and try to scarf down whatever food you have left because if not, it’ll be the monkey’s food sooner rather than later.


There’s really no limit to how much time you can spend up here. Admire the views all you want. Walk along the caldera of the remnants of the once active volcano that is now Mount Batur. However, that brisk morning mountain air eventually turns into the sizzling Indonesian sun. A good time to get off the mountain would be around 8:30 or 9 AM. Unfortunately, you do have to go all the way back down the way you came. Fortunately, you can actually see this time and you will pass some of the local beauty that had previously gone unnoticed in the darkness.


the grounds of the hot springs

At the end of the hike that no sane person would have agreed to, there is a bonus silver lining. There are plenty of hot springs and places to chill out in the area, most with a stunning view of Lake Batur and the majestic Mount Agung. If you hired a guide, they can definitely point you in the right direction. If you plan on booking it with a tour agency, most will offer the hot springs as an optional side excursion. I guarantee everyone will be opting in after the tough hike.

Although Bali has a reputation as a luxury holiday destination, there are plenty of adventures you can take on in this island. Hiking Mount Batur is one of the best things you can do on this island.


the pool of the hot spring

Post by Eli Solidum

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