A Must-Have Breakfast in Austin, Texas


Whether you’re visiting Austin or you’re a local, this is a restaurant you need to know about. Elizabeth Street Café, like many other places in Austin, is super unique. It’s a fusion between French food and Vietnamese, which is a combination you don’t hear every day, but trust me, it works! From Nutella stuffed crepes with candied hazelnuts to Singapore noodles, you can’t go wrong whether you choose to go here for breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner. 

Today I’m going to be talking about my breakfast experience because it was one of my favorite meals I had while back in Austin. I had tried their lunch before, but I thought I’d give their breakfast a shot. Elizabeth street is a boulangerie, and since I’ve lived in Paris for two years and was visiting with my French boyfriend, I knew we could give an honest review of their pastries and other French inspired dishes. 

There were so many options on the menu, so we decided to each try our own pastry, then split the Nutella crepe. We started our meal with iced coffee and hot chocolate, both of which were amazing! Then for our pastry selections, we tried the beignets with plum jam and an everything crossiant (a croissant stuffed with chive cream cheese and other goodness). Seriously, I wanted to go back every morning for those pastries and coffee. After we had eaten our pastries, we had completely forgotten about the crepe that was on the way, but once the crepe arrived, we were so glad we ordered it!  


So, whether you’re looking to have a nice breakfast or just looking for a quick pick-up, Elizabeth street is the perfect place for breakfast in Austin. Elizabeth Street only accepts reservations for parties larger than eight, so depending on the day, you may want to get there a little bit early. We went to breakfast around 9:30 on a Tuesday, so we didn’t have any issues getting a table. I know they are busier for their lunch, dinner, and especially Sunday brunch. Once the weather cools down a bit, their patio is the perfect place to have lunch or brunch in Austin.