Hotel San Jose in Austin, Texas


If you’re looking for an Austin hotel with a great location, then Hotel San Jose is your place. Tucked away on South Congress Avenue, San Jose is a cottage-like hotel with minimalist design. Being born and raised in Austin, I had walked past the hotel many times and heard it was the perfect place to grab drinks, however, had never visited until this summer. 



South Congress is most likely on your list of things to see when visiting Austin. It’s a trendy street in Austin with lots of shopping and restaurant options, my favorite being Jo’s coffee shop, which is where the “I love you so much” wall is a and is conveniently next door to the hotel. So, when you wake up in the morning, you’re only a few steps away from the best coffee in Austin. 

Anyways, the location of Hotel San Jose is what makes it the best place to stay while visiting Austin, but besides the location, the hotel is an oasis all on its own. With plants in sight everywhere you look and the minimalist design, Hotel San Jose perfectly represents Austin. We stayed at the hotel for 18 nights (yes, it’s a lot!), so I feel like we got a pretty good idea of the hotel. 

The staff was extremely nice and accommodating. Since we were staying with them for so long, they were sure to put us in the back of the hotel so that we didn’t hear street noise every night. If street noise is something that bothers you, be sure to request a room towards the back for a little more peace and quiet. 

As far as food goes, San Jose serves breakfast, so you can stay in and order breakfast to your room or if you prefer to eat poolside, just ask the staff. There are also many great options for food on South Congress, so don’t worry, you will not go hungry! When it comes to happy hour, Hotel San Jose has you covered. Grab a drink on the covered patio by the pool and you may just have some live music to make your night even better. 





Just to sum up, here are the reasons you should stay at San Jose during your Austin vacation: 


1.    Location, location, location

2.    Comfortable rooms with minimalist design

3.    Authentically Austin (be sure to check out their small store by the check-in desk)