5 Best Places to get Coffee near South Congress, Austin

There are a lot of awesome places to grab a coffee in Austin. Here are a few of my favorites near South Congress, an area you will most likely find yourself! 

jo’s-south congress ave.

jo’s-south congress ave.


This is probably the most famous coffee shop in Austin. You’ve most likely seen the “I love you so much” mural in endless Instagram photos, well that’s Jo’s! There’s multiple locations throughout Austin, but the one on South Congress is definitely the most “iconic.” A must try drink is the iced turbo, it’s their signature coffee. It’s a mix of coffee and chocolate/sweet goodness, but if it’s a little too sweet then try their Belgium bomber, it’s half iced turbo, half cold brew (my personal favorite.) Make sure to grab a few breakfast tacos while you’re there.

Elizabeth Street

I’ve already written a city spotlight on Elizabeth Street Café for their amazing breakfast and that includes coffee too (and everything else on the menu for that matter!) If you’re looking for a coffee break in Austin, just drop in for a coffee and maybe pick up a few sweets from their patisserie selection. 

Seventh Flag Coffee

Right across from Elizabeth Street, you’ll find Seventh Flag Coffee. Nestled in a cute little house, this coffee shop serves great coffee in Austin, as well as taco deli breakfast tacos. This is the perfect place to have a coffee, cookie, and get some work done. 


Connected to the South Congress hotel, there’s restaurants, shops, and this awesome coffee shop. With high ceilings, lots of plants, and patio space, this is the perfect place to spend the day studying/working while drinking lattes and eating an everything kolache. The everythingkolache is AMAZING. Seriously, I tried it and the next day I was bringing everyone at work a kolache. The bread is super soft, and the inside is filled with chive cream cheese. A must have!

mañana-south congress ave.

mañana-south congress ave.


We just stopped by Patika for a quick morning coffee, but this place also serves breakfast, lunch, and brunch. So, drop by either for an iced latte, or stay a little bit longer and enjoy some French toast or their biscuits and gravy!

 *Also have to mention Bennu coffee. Haven’t spent a lot of time here, but the coffee was great, and it seemed like a good environment to study and get some work done. 

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