Jet Journal 2.0 Has Officially Launched

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It’s been almost 2 years since this whole journey began, so we’re excited to announce that Jet Journal 2.0 has officially launched to the App Store. With many new features, designs, and updated functionality, we believe that Jet Journal is finally ready to share with the world. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for our app, and we hope that you will join our new and growing community today! If you’re looking for a new social platform to find, plan, and share your experiences, then you’ve found the perfect app to do just that.

Jet Journal is currently available to download for FREE on iOS only, but we hope that Android will follow in the near future. The app is available in the US, UK, and soon, France. But enough about the details, let’s talk about what makes Jet Journal stand out from all the other social apps currently on the market.

Post Builder

Let me first ask you a question; how do you share about your favorite experiences? This is the question which originally sparked the idea for Jet Journal. The goal was to create a social platform where you could fully share about your experiences, and in version 2.0 this is exactly what we did. Our post builder feature allows Jet Journal users to get creative with their posts using templates. You can think of Jet Journal posts as micro-blog posts created completely from your mobile device. With the ability to edit font style, uniquely arrange photos, attach web links, and more, we’ve provided our users with the tools to completely tell their stories.

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Save ideas for places you’d like to go

restaurants, hotels, sights…

What do you do when you see a restaurant or other place you’d like to try? Do you write it down in your notes, or bookmark it somewhere, just to forget about it later? With Jet Journal, finding and saving ideas is extremely easy and organized. Our idea feature allows users to easily plan trips or save ideas for places they’d like to try in their hometown. After you add an idea, the location is plotted on a map so that you can conveniently see which of your ideas are closest to your current location. This is super helpful when in an unfamiliar place!


Journals contain all of your posts and ideas, plus a map with all of the locations. Journals can be anything from “Europe 2019” or “Restaurants in Austin". If you want to share ideas with friends/family, then you can add multiple authors to a journal. This is a really great feature for planning group trips!

Other cool features in Jet Journal 2.0

  • Messenger: send posts, journals, and ideas to other users via direct message.

  • Deep linking: send posts, journals, and user profiles through text, WhatsApp, or email. You can also share links to all of your content on other social platforms.

  • Bookmarks: save other people’s posts to your journals if you want to remember their content.

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We can’t wait to keep improving our app, and are happy to receive any feedback you may have! Please email us at or leave us a review on the App Store.

Click the button below to download the app. See you on Jet Journal!