An Ultimate Foodie Guide to Rue Cler and Paris' 7th Arrondissement

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Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Paris, or consider yourself an expert, you will most likely find yourself in the 7th arrondissement close to the Eiffel Tower at some point during your trip. A few of our Jet Journal team members were lucky to call Rue Cler home for several years, which is why we wanted to write this guide to the area! While the neighborhood is perfect for photo taking and picturesque walks down Rue Saint Dominique, it’s important to be aware of what restaurants and cafes to avoid, and which ones to try. 

 Since you’re sharing the neighborhood with the Eiffel Tower, there are countless tourist traps and overpriced cafes whose food is not worth the price. However, still be prepared to spend more money on a meal in the 7th than in the Marais or another Parisian neighborhood. Rue Cler is a walkable street located just a few minute’s walk from the Champs de Mars (the park where the Eiffel Tower is located.) The street is lined with cafes, restaurants, flower shops, chocolate shops, and basically everything “French” you could possibly want! 

There are a ton of restaurants on Rue Cler, however, many of them don’t have the best food options. All of them are perfect for a drink, appetizer, and people watching, but you’re not going to have the unforgettable French meal you’ve been dreaming of! Here are a few of our recommendations on Rue Cler: 



Food and Restaurants

1.    Tribeca: if you need a break from the rich French food, Tribeca has some pretty great pizza. Our favorite is the Tartufo with arugula. But besides the pizza and beer, their food doesn’t come highly recommended. 

2.    L’éclair: This cozy spot is perfect for a coffee and croissant in the morning, or a cocktail in the afternoon. They have an extensive cocktail menu, so be sure to add L’éclair to your happy hour list!

3.    Café central: This restaurant’s food is pretty good, however, the prices are very high and the service is consistently terrible (yes, even for Paris, the service is terrible!) 


1.    Amorino or Martine Lambert: If you’re looking for an afternoon snack, grab an ice cream or gelato from one of these two shops. 

2.    Laduree: They recently opened a small Laduree shop on Rue Cler, so if you’re in need of some of their famous macaroons, look no further. 

Even though there aren’t a ton of food options on Rue Cler, there are so many must-try restaurants just minutes away. Here are a few of our favorite cafes and restaurants near the Eiffel Tower

Food and Restaurants

1.    Auberge Bressane: This restaurant was always one of our go-to’s for a great meal and fun night out. The environment is authentic, and the menu is filled with traditional French classics, all of which have never disappointed. The souffles are always are favorite! Be sure to reserve a few days in advance. $$$

2.    Libra: This was our absolute favorite restaurant in the neighborhood. Libra is a small and cozy tapas restaurant tucked into an alley off of Rue de Grenelle. The restaurant is made up of two long tables and seats about 20 people total. Reservations are recommended and DO NOT miss the feta! $$

3.    Marlon: Perfect for brunch (there isn’t many brunch spots in the 7th, so this one can get pretty busy) Be sure to try the chocolate mug cake for dessert $$

4.    Tourville: an iconic Parisian café. Great for lunch and a cucumber cocktail. Must-try their burger! $$

5.    La Fontaine de Mars: Very traditional and delicious French dining. Be sure to make a reservation $$$

6.    Les Fables de Mars: Upscale seafood restaurant. One of our favorite meals in the 7eme $$$

7. Fitzgerald: Upscale cafe dining $$

8. Il Sorrentino: For your pasta fixe! Be sure to try the pasta prepared in the cheese wheel. $$



Coffee and Cafes

1.    Zia: a cozy coffee and brunch spot. The owners are American, so whenever we would feel homesick, we would hop over to Zia for a breakfast burrito. They also prepare picnic baskets, so you can picnic at the Champs de Mars with a view of the Eiffel Tower. $

2.    Kozy: Kozy has a few locations around Paris, but this one is on Avenue de la Motte Picquet. They serve brunch on the weekends and small lunch options for the other days of the week (quiche, sandwiches, pastas, etc.) We love their coffee, so if you’re looking for a café to work for the day, Kozy is a great option for that. $

3.    Terres de Café: A small coffee shop nearby the Eiffel Tower. Perfect for a cup to-go! $


1.    Aux Merveilleux: At the end of Rue Cler, on Rue Saint Dominique, you’ll find this iconic French bakery. They’re best known for their meringue, but my favorite was the pain au lait ganache, which is super fluffy bread filled with chocolate frosting $


1.    Marie Ann Cantin: This cheese shop is located right off of Rue Cler, on Rue du Champs de Mars, which is one of the best. Grab some cheese and a baguette, then head over to Invalides for a picnic. 


We know we just hit you with a ton of recommendations, so be sure to save these spots to your Paris journal on Jet Journal! All the places you save will be plotted on a map, so once you’re in Paris, it will be easy to navigate. See you on the app!