How to Use Jet Journal's Idea Feature


One of our favorite (and most commonly missed) features in the app, is the idea feature. When we created Jet Journal, we really wanted a place where people could easily organize and save ideas for places they want to try, whether it’s a restaurant, coffee shop, or museum. This is how we at Jet Journal use the idea feature…

1.    Saving places we see on other platforms: Let’s say you’re scrolling through instagram or reading a blog post and you find a restaurant that looks really good. What do you do? Whenever we see a cool place we want to try, whether it’s in our hometown or in a place we plan on visiting, we go to Jet Journal, search the location, then save it to one of our journals. Once we save the place, it is plotted on a map, so we can see all of our ideas on one map. We use this feature every day in Austin, our hometown, to save new restaurants and coffee shops we want to try. 

2.    Planning trips/group trips: The idea feature is also great for planning trips. Whenever we know we’re about to go on a trip, we go into full research mode! We are constantly looking for new experiences to have and once we find places we’re dying to try, we save all of these places in the Jet Journal app. This way all of our ideas are organized into one place and once we go on our trip, it’s easy to plan our day-to-day activities. Also, if you create a group journal for a group trip, everyone can see each others ideas, and share their own ideas for things they want to do. 

Creating a new idea in Jet Journal is super easy to do. This is a step by step guide on how to create a new idea: 

1.    Click on the “+” 

2.    Then click on the lightbulb, which is the idea icon 

3.    Search for the location of the place you want to save (for example, the name of a restaurant) 

4.    Choose a journal that you want this idea to go to (If it’s a restaurant in Austin, you may save it to your Austin journal) 

5.    That’s it! You can now see all your ideas in your journal and on the idea map 

Start saving all your ideas on Jet Journal today! See you on the app. 

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