Game Night in Austin


We’ve previously talked about where to take a romantic partner for a steamy night in the capitol. Today we’re talking outings of the more platonic variety. Whether you’re taking out some visiting friends, or just looking for something fun for the weekend, we’re giving you our suggestions for a fun game night out of the house.

We tried out Betrayal: The House on the Hill. It was a really cool game, but has some INTENSE rules and was a bit more than we were hoping for that night.

We tried out Betrayal: The House on the Hill. It was a really cool game, but has some INTENSE rules and was a bit more than we were hoping for that night.

Vigilante Gastropub & Games

We mentioned this in our date night article as well, but we’re bringing it up again here. One, because it’s incredibly on theme, and two, because it really is one of the most overlooked gems in the city. If you’re looking for a traditional board game set up, this is the place. They’ve got everything from old classics like monopoly and sorry, to new faves like Settlers of Catan, and Exploding Kittens. You can try a wide variety of games without the expense of buying them all, and with the convenience of a restaurant. The food is good, the drinks are stiff, and theres absolutely something for everyone.

The Escape Game

Our founders, Maddy and Leo, are escape room addicts! These popular new rooms have been popping up all over Austin, and they’ve tried them all! The best one in the city is, hands down, The Escape Game. They have 5, super immersive games, all at different difficulty levels, and all uniquely hand built by their team. You won’t be able to google your way out of these! Your group gets one hour to find your way out of their rooms, and you will be guided the whole way with one of their team members. They can accommodate large groups (13+) if you’re looking for a team building arrangement, but we’d recommend groups of 6 or less to make sure no toes are stepped on and everyone has something to do.


Peter Pan Mini Golf

This Austin classic has been around since 1948, and still remains a popular place for families and friends to spend an evening. It’s your standard mini put experience, with two courses to choose from, and super cheap rates, so we’d recommend shooting on both. They are BYOB, but no glass, and have a lovely pic-nic area. This is a great low-cost option for a fun weekend out with a lot of classic charm. The best part is you’re supporting a local business that has been a love of the city for over 60 years. Great for families, great for wallets, and great for your competitive spirit!


Arcades were once a staple of kid culture, but have gone the way of bookstores and blockbusters as of late. Luckily Austin has several really cool options that will get you back in touch with your inner child!

Arcade UFO

One think I learned during my time in Korea and visits to Japan: They take their arcades seriously. People take their own equipment, and every DDR stereotype you’ve heard is real. But I can’t blame them, because their arcades were super cool! Arcade UFO is bringing that aesthetic across the pond, and lets you experience all the fun of Japanese and Korean arcade games without the embarrassment of losing to the 12 year old next to you who has devoted his life to the game. Their games are mostly video based with even some console options available, and it’s a great way to challenge your friends without dedicating two hours to an activity! If you want a modern arcade experience, this is it, but for those vintage vibes try our next place.


Pinballz lives up to its name, with 150 different machines to choose from. Play games themed after all your fave films, and if thats not your speed, any of their other 200 games. This is your classic arcade experience, tickets and all. They also serve food and drinks in the Mikki’s at every location. This is real fun for all ages guaranteed to hit you in the nostalgia feels!