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Hi and welcome to Jet Journal! Here is a little bit about who we are and what Jet Journal is. My name is Maddy Odom and I am the Founder of Jet Journal, which is a social application for travelers. Our goal here at Jet Journal is to create an authentic outlet for travelers (and local experts) of all types! We aspire to connect travelers with unique experiences around the world, as well as give users an all in one platform to plan, organize, and share their experiences. 

As I traveled more, I realized there was something missing in the travel industry. There wasn't a place to share ALL your photos and there wasn't a place to conveniently find experiences for your next trip.  I could go on and on about what I feel is missing from social media today, but the main thing that's missing is authenticity. Authenticity is a word that Jet Journal is built on and something we're working towards everyday. 

So you may be wondering what you will find on our website. Here at Jet Journal we share blog posts based on our travels, which could be anything from guides to hotel reviews to photo galleries. I'm also a coffee addict and I live in the perfect place to feed my addiction, so you will see many Parisian coffeeshop photos and reviews, plus any cool restaurants I try out. We also have a City Spotlight section which highlights some of our favorite places in our favorite cities. 

We're an app so we will share tips on how we use Jet Journal, as well as any updates, and featured posts from our users. Yes, like I said, we're an app, but we hope to be much more than that! Check out our contributors page to see who is behind the site. 

Enjoy our site and if you have any questions you can contact us at info@thejetjournal.com


Our contributors

Here at Jet Journal, we want to be more than just an app, we want to be a community. This means our site couldn't just highlight our app and the latest updates, but we needed to create valuable content for our users. Our contributors make it possible for us to do that! If you're interested in contributing to our page, just send us an email: info@thejetjournal.com or fill out the contact form. 

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eli solidum 

Eli is an adventurer, writer, and photographer who has traveled through over forty countries across five continents. Since 2016, Eli has been traveling full-time, making friends and memories across the world as The Partying Traveler. If you ever stumbled across Eli along your travels, you will probably find him playing with dogs, scarfing down a mango smoothie, or lazing away in a hammock.

maddy Odom

I'm Maddy. I moved to Paris in 2016 to study, travel more frequently, and for a change of scenery. It was my move to Paris which sparked the idea for Jet Journal. A few things I love are: taking photos that tell stories, visiting endless amounts of coffeeshops in Paris, and I have a passion for all things pretty. Most of my posts you will see on the site will include short reviews of the places I visit, mini guides on weekend trips I take, as well as any updates we've made to the app. Enjoy!

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amy and eric