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It all started in Paris

As we traveled more, we realized there was something missing in the travel industry. There wasn't a place to share ALL your photos and there wasn't a place to conveniently find experiences for your next trip. We could go on and on about what weI feel is missing from social media today, but the main thing that's missing is authenticity. Authenticity is a word that Jet Journal is built on and something we're working towards everyday.


Jet Journal is perfect for…

Travelers, creatives, and storytellers of all kinds.

Whether you’re a photographer, lifestyle blogger, traveler, or just looking for some inspiration, Jet Journal is the perfect fit for you. With our app you can find, plan, and share experiences like never before. In a time where storytelling in so important, we’ve created a platform specifically for that.

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Jet Journal is a social lifestyle application designed to help users find, plan, and share experiences in an elevated way.

  • Create inspiring content with easy to use templates. From editing font style to adding a web link in every post, you have the ability to share content in a more elevated way than current social platforms allow.

  • Organize posts and ideas into journals. You can also add multiple authors to a journal, making it extremely convenient to share ideas and experiences.

  • Follow friends and curators for daily inspiration, whether you’re planning your next trip or just your next meal.

  • Find and save ideas for places you’d like to visit and experiences you would like to try.

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Ready? Let's go. 

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